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Forming lasting partnerships with our clients.

Great design studios don’t happen overnight.

OK, sometimes they do, but this one didn’t. It took 25 years for the dream to become a reality. Those years were spent working in almost every facet of the design field. The early years were spent in California, learning typography and photography in Santa Barbara and then marketing, logo design, corporate identity and publication design in Sacramento.

Back to the Midwest…

Returning to the Midwest after five years in California, I started working on product design, merchandising solutions and e-commerce in Kansas City, and then more publication design, project management and implementing direct mail campaigns in Omaha. It has taken a lot of years and a wide variety of experiences to build the foundation upon which the Troubadour Design Studio was created.

David Trouba

Owner / Creative Director


David was born and raised in Omaha, and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. So he is, by birth right, a die-hard Nebraska Husker fan. He is also a borderline golf addict, and is always happy to mix business and golf whenever possible!

Returning to Nebraska after 15 years “on the road”, David makes his home in Papillion, NE, just south of Omaha and (shameless plug!) one of the Top 5 Places To Live according to Money Magazine!




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  • We consider Troubadour Design Studio one of our most reliable vendors. They are easy to work with, responsive to all our website needs, provide sound advice on marketing and advertising options, and they always produce consistent, high quality results.

    Dr. Robert Stover
    Olympia Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Troubadour Design Studio has helped our site has gain greater visibility and higher ranking within the search engines. We appreciate our one-to-one work relationship with David Trouba and the support he has given our website over the past 6 years. It is always a real pleasure to work with Troubadour Design Studio.

    Dr. Britt Thedinger
    Ear Specialists of Omaha

  • Farris Engineering has used Troubadour Design Studio for a variety of projects from complete web site development, hosting, logo support and more! We consider Troubadour Design Studio one of our most valued and reliable vendors.

    Jeni Merriweather, Marketing Manager
    Farris Engineering, Omaha, Nebraska

Why Troubadour

When you are choosing a name for your design firm, and your last name is Trouba, certain options tend to stand out. However, the name Troubadour had other relevant and philosophical qualifications as well.

First, the historical significance. Troubadours were poet-musicians in central and southern Europe in the 11th to 13th centuries. The tradition of a traveling musician communicating the news of the day through music and stories is carried on to this day with Troubadours now taking the stage in concert halls and clubs, pubs and late night talk shows. I strive to bring that same spirit of art, humor and communication to my work.

What’s With The Harp?

As for the Harp in our logo, that goes back to my family heritage. The name Trouba is Czechoslovakian, and my father’s side of the family all emigrated from what is now the Czech Republic – where the original Troubadours once traveled. My mother’s side of the family came from Ireland, and I’ve always had a strong connection to all things Irish. The characteristic shape of the Irish Harp is familiar from Irish coins, flags, and bottles of Guinness Beer. For centuries the harp was an integral part of Irish life. Traveling harpists (Troubadours?) in Ireland, were known to be at the focal point of rebellions – so much so that the harp was banned.

So the gold harp is an homage to the Czech and Irish influences in my life, and how that heritage influenced the designer I am today.